Wordless Wednesday: 10/08/09

Cadey @ 14 Months

Cadey @ 14 Months

Wordless Wednesday


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Monday & Tuesday Rolled into One

I couldn’t connect with WIFI yesterday. I’m not sure if it was the horrible weather or just my Acer being spontaneous. Eitherway here is Monday & Tuesday’s memes rolled into one post.

Give Me Give (Monday)

Topic: If money was no object – what are five things you would do?

  1. Buy a 2010 Chevy  Camaro, fully equipped with all the bells & whistles in Charcoal Black.
  2. Pay of all bills, debt & balances due  so I owed no one any money.
  3. Build the largest animal shelter in the world, fully equipped with everything that would make a furry friend happy, hire Cesar Millan to work with me  & I would live there with my family.
  4. Give a signed, blank check to every single non-profit organization & cause including all EMS & Fire Departments that exist.
  5. Make a savings account filled with an illogical amount of money for every single person that has ever touched my life.

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Ten on Tuesday


Topic: Ten Things You Want But Can’t Afford

  1. 2010 Chevy Camaro with all the bells & whistles in Charcoal Black.
  2. Pay off ALL debt & balances due.
  3. Have savings account that actually contains “saved  money”.
  4. Take my family on a vacation.
  5. Canon Rebel.
  6. A house set out in the country away from civilization.
  7. New furniture for every room of my house.
  8. To be at home with my kids more often.
  9. Buy my parents an unforgettable – month long, exotic vacation for their anniversary.
  10. New wardrobe.

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Friday Fill-Ins #144 & More


1. I have a history of being headstrong, unbending, rigid and determined.

2. Auto Mechanics is something I wish I knew.

3. I’m eating (or recently ate) pizza from Big Cheese.

4. Don’t leave your garbage on the road.

5. So that’s it, that’s a bunch of bullshit.

6. Appreciate what you have, because something is better than nothing!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to going to bed, tomorrow my plans include working until 2pm and Sunday, I want to finish up college work after work!

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Heads or Tails: Photograph

The theme/prompt for THIS week, September 29, is:

TAILS – “Photograph”

Share any photograph and explain why you did.


This photo was taken when my daughter was five days old. I was working on college work (via online classes) while she was napping in my lap. I guess I picked this photo to inspire others. I was told when before she was born I wouldn’t be able to complete college. Anything is possible. I did take a semestar off – but I’m almost finished. I’m a mother of three young kids – I work more than full time and take 16 credit hours.

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Protected: It’s Personal 09/29/09

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Monday Random Photos 9/28/09

Sand St. Cemetary

Brier Hill, NY

Brier Hill, NY

Brier Hill, NY

I took this photos last year (2008) and than manipulated them in JASC PsP V.7.

Image (c) Amanda Chase/Twisted-Lemons 2008 – 2009

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Friday Fill-Ins & Friday Five


1. One week ago I didn’t have an ear infection & took hearing clearly for granted.

2. I wanted to travel the United States when I was young.

3. Mama told me you always have to make sure you can support yourself & your kids “just in case” – PLAN AHEAD.

4. There never really was a you and me.

5. Take your time choosing your words for a disagreement.

6. This too will pass!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing a little bit & going to bed, tomorrow my plans include working ‘til 2pm & college work after and Sunday, I want to sleep in but I can’t!

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